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Flight Fillow is so convenient and takes away the extra bulk that a normal neck pillow would cause. Super easy to just throw in your backpack and go! Plus you can wash it after every trip so you feel clean each time you use it! Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a portable and lightweight solution for a neck pillow.

Emily Esposito

I absolutely love this product! I never had any use for investing and keeping something like a neck pillow, but flight fillow is cheap, portable, durable, and (most importantly) more comfortable than a neck pillow. It’s a product I never knew I needed. Highly reccommend.

Brendan Dillon

Such a clever idea! I was able to use it with both a thicker winter sweater and a sweatshirt. Super versatile and made traveling so much easier!

Laura Richardson

Fast shipping and responsive seller. This is a great invention. It will save me so much space in my backpack.

Kari Tarter

Can't wait to try this clever idea -- a pillow that holds the extra sweater/top so often needed when flying. Delivery was prompt and the instructions that came with are truly fool proof! Thank you!


Super convenient, takes up no room in my luggage, affordable, I could go on and on! Flight Fillow is a simple but genius idea that anyone who travels often should purchase!

Ben Farwell

After 7 weeks of backpacking, I can confidently say that my Flight Fillow was one of the most convenient parts of my trip! I’ve was traveling carrying just a backpack, so even though I had to take multiple overnight busses, I couldn’t fit a regular neck pillow. It was also extremely helpful while camping without a pillow, because I could just roll my extra clothes into it. Best pre-travel purchase by far!

Michaela Rutledge

I ordered two Flight Fillow's a few months ago for my husband and I. We love our Flight Fillows so much that they are one of the first things we pack!! We travel a lot for work and this product has truly been a life changer. Not only is it super easy to travel with but its also washable! Would highly recommend to anyone!

Leticia Hutchins

I purchased two Flight Fillows and could not be happier! Having two siblings who live out of state, I travel a lot so it is always the first thing on my packing list. It is extremely easy to use, can fit in your purse, and my favorite part is that it comes in so many fun colors! I highly recommend this product to anyone who wants to have comfortable travels without needing to pack bulky neck pillows!

Samantha Manigarcia

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