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10 Gift Ideas From Women-Owned Businesses | The PR Bar Inc.

Want to shop small? Here are 10 gift ideas sure to impress from women-owned businesses and brands. 

This gift guide features 10 women-owned small businesses and the inspiring founders behind the brand!

Gift Guide for Her by Solo Female Travelers

Gift Guide for Her by Solo Female Travelers

Looking for a great travel gift for the women in your life? Or maybe you don’t know what to ask Santa this year?

In this extensive list of gift ideas for women you will sure find many useful, innovative and wanderlust-inspiring gift ideas, the problem will be to pick just one!

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, a special occasion or you just want to show your gratitude to that amazing intrepid female traveler in your life, we’ve got you covered with over 100 items!



Pitchin' and Sippin' with Lexie Smith

Pitchin' and Sippin' with Lexie Smith

Coming up with an invention that no one has ever heard of before sounds like a one in a million circumstance, but it’s totally possible! Today’s guest is Georgia McKinney, inventor and founder of Flight Fillow––the reinvented travel pillow. Entrepreneurship was never the goal for Georgia; she was simply solving her own frustrations when she came up with the idea for Flight Fillow. In fact, nowadays she works a full-time corporate job during the day and works to change the way people travel on nights and weekends. Georgia has also been able to successfully DIY PR landing press opportunities with outlets such as WGN, Business Insider, MSN, and many more! 
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FratChat Podcast Interview with Georgia McKinney Wilson

In this episode of FratChat, Sarah and Izzie talk to Georgia McKinney an alum from the DSP Alpha Omega chapter about her life postgrad, moving to Dallas during a Global Pandemic, and ask her about her time while auditioning for Shark Tank.
Interview with Flight Fillow's Founder, Georgia McKinney, on the Unfiltered MaPop Passage

Interview with Flight Fillow's Founder, Georgia McKinney, on the Unfiltered MaPop Passage

"Travel Pillow. Ecommerce. I got to do a fun and uplifting interview with the owner of, "Flight Fillow", Georgia McKinney. It was pretty interesting to see how she grew into her business and how it all began with finding a solution for her own needs. Needless to say, she has now helped many traveler with the same issues, with her product, the Flight Fillow. Georgia went into more detail on how she went about the infamous, patent pending journey. We learned so much of her journey, and I feel her positive soul and personality will make her successful in any avenue or industry she stays in. Grab a beverage and enjoy this episode with the creator of the Flight Fillow." - Grandy 
Marc My Words Podcast - How to Patent Your Idea and Audition for Shark Tank!

Marc My Words Podcast - How to Patent Your Idea and Audition for Shark Tank!

Marc Schmidt talks to Georgia McKinney, the inventor of the Flight Fillow. Georgia goes into detail about creating the concept for the Flight Fillow and the trials, tribulations, and rewards that come with gaining a patent and manufacturing the product. She also discusses the process she had to go through when entering the Flight Fillow to Shark Tank.
WSPA News - Travel a Little Lighter

WSPA News - Travel a Little Lighter

Many of us are itching to get back to our lives, and with summer just weeks away, are looking forward to traveling again? So, when you’re planning your next trip, whether it’s by car or plane, Taryn Scher is here with a few items to help you travel a little lighter.
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Holiday Gift Guide - That's Just Jeni

The holidays are a time of festive fun, family and friends…..but one of our favorite parts of the holidays is giving gifts!  These gift ideas represent the best of 2019. We’ve compiled this roundup of our favorite ideas for gift giving this year, for everyone that’s on your list! Be sure to browse each of the sections (see the rest below). We placed ideal gift suggestions in categories, however, you might find the perfect present in any of them!
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3 Things I Learned From Owning a Product Based Business

3 Things I Learned From Owning a Product Based Business

Link to original article HERE! The Three Things I’ve Learned From Owning a Product-based Business 9 Product-Based Business Owners...
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WGN 720 - The Steve Cochran Morning Show (8/29/19)

Thankful to have been interviewed on the Steve Cochran Morning Show! Listen to the interview via the podcast link or watch the replay through the youtube link.
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The Best Travel Pillows You Can Buy

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