Pitchin' and Sippin' with Lexie Smith


Coming up with an invention that no one has ever heard of before sounds like a one in a million circumstance, but it’s totally possible! Today’s guest is Georgia McKinney, inventor and founder of Flight Fillow––the reinvented travel pillow. Entrepreneurship was never the goal for Georgia; she was simply solving her own frustrations when she came up with the idea for Flight Fillow. In fact, nowadays she works a full-time corporate job during the day and works to change the way people travel on nights and weekends. Georgia has also been able to successfully DIY PR landing press opportunities with outlets such as WGN, Business Insider, MSN, and many more! 


  • Georgia details how she came up with the idea of creating her own ingenious product called the Flight Fillow based on a necessity she encountered when traveling.
  • Learning as one goes through the path of PR is totally normal, and mistakes turn into lessons learned. Georgia describes some of the most common mistakes she used to make as soon as she started DYI-ing PR.
  • Georgia discusses the importance of organic PR and how it can move the needle of your business. In Georgia’s case, a radio show where she was featured was a game changer for Flight Fillow.
  • Georgia describes how she applied for Shark Tank and how she made it to the third round. Although she did not get into the show, this was a huge achievement for her.
  • Before getting started with DIY PR, it’s important to think about having different pitching templates based on the person or company you are reaching out to. Personalized pitches tend to be quite effective!