Founder of the Travel Blog, My Global Viewpoint, Shares His Travel Tips

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Tell us a bit about yourself and your blog  
  • My name is Jon, and I’m an avid traveler, writer, and photographer from Boston, Massachusetts. I am the founder of the @Global.Viewpoint Instagram page and My Global Viewpoint blog, which showcase unique destinations around the globe. My passion is all things travel. I enjoy creating fun and engaging content that inspires others to travel the world.
What is your favorite travel app and why?
  • Skyscanner has always been my go-to app for booking flights around the world. I love its "Everywhere" feature, which allows you to seamlessly search for the best flight deals anywhere in the world. Based on my experience using flight aggregators, Skyscanner is the most reliable and easy-to-use. 
How do you find good deals for traveling?
  • My best approach for finding great travel deals is by visiting places outside of their peak tourist season. For example, I've uncovered amazing deals in Europe during the spring and fall months, as well as tropical destinations during the late spring timeframe. When looking for the best hotel deals, I always choose accommodations that are away from the most touristy areas, yet are still accessible and convenient.
What are your packing essentials?
  • Aside from typical clothing, I always remember to bring a rain jacket wherever I go (unless I am visiting the Atacama or Sahara deserts, of course). Also, I can never forget my external battery charger, which keeps my phone alive to capture the best moments of each day.
How do you discover fun things to do in new places you travel to?
  • I almost exclusively rely on the recommendations of friends and family members. Prior to embarking on each vacation, I always ask my global-minded travel community for tips/recommendations. I am so grateful for these well-traveled individuals, who help me discover the nooks and crannies of each place I visit. 
What is your next travel destination and what do you have planned so far?
  • I just arrived home from an intensive backpacking trip in Europe, so I have nothing concretely planned at the moment! I will be frequently checking Skyscanner in the coming weeks to find a new place to explore :) I certainly hope to visit Asia and South America at some point in the next few months!
What is something you learned during your time as a travel blogger?
  • Throughout my journey as a travel blogger, I have learned so much about myself and the world as a whole. Being a travel blogger has encouraged me to act and behave as an ambassador abroad. Traveling has instilled a sense of independence and self-reliance in my day-to-day life. Traveling has taught me to understand and appreciate other people's perspectives, traditions, and cultures. And above all, traveling has allowed me to see the world through a global viewpoint.