How It All Started | Flight Fillow - Reinventing the Neck Pillow

We have all been there - you are packing for a trip and want to have the comfort of a neck pillow but don’t want the hassle of having to pack it or lug it around.
  • Flight Fillow was invented when I was going on a trip to NYC for the weekend and was experiencing the common frustration of not wanting to pack a bulky neck pillow for such a short flight but still wanting the neck support. 
  • Ultimately, I ended up deciding to pack lightly and did not bring the neck pillow. However, it didn't take long after arriving to my gate that I had regrets. Walking through the airport I kept thinking about buying a new Neck Pillow to use on the plane but couldn’t justify paying $25-$50 for a neck pillow when I already had one. Plus, it is just another thing to carry around and for such a short flight, it wasn’t worth it.
  • Fast forward to the flight – I am trying to take a nap on the plane but really wishing I had the neck support. In desperation, I take my sweater and crumble it up to put behind my neck. It helps, but not quite right. I play around with it a bit and find if I rolled it a certain way, it works just like a neck pillow! 
  • The only downside was that if I moved the slightest bit, the sweater would unroll and not be in the perfect form it was before to provide the neck support I was looking for. I thought to myself “if only I had a sleeve of some sort to keep it rolled in this position” and that is where the idea for the Flight Fillow began!
  • Flight Fillows give you all the benefits of a neck pillow without any of the hassle. It fits in your pocket, easy to wash, a fraction of the price of your typical neck pillow, and you get to use your favorite sweater! 
  • Flight Fillow is patent pending and changing the way people travel 
  • The mission of Flight Fillow is to promote travel and make it more convenient.
  • Moreover, as the Founder of Flight Fillow my personal mission is to promote and encourage entrepreneurs, small businesses, and to make a positive impact into the lives of others. Want to get the inside scoop on Flight Fillow's journey to growth? Follow me on instagram - I am happy to share this exciting experience with you! @georgiamckinney