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There are some things that we cannot travel without especially on long flights. For me that happens to be my travel pillow. Since travel pillows come in all sizes, different filling materials, and colors, finding the right travel pillow can take some time and money. How often have you picked up a pillow in a rush at the airport only to find out that the pillow is uncomfortable? With the Flight Fillow, you control the comfort? I bet you are wondering how that is possible. Read on to learn more about the reinvented travel pillow.

What is a Flight Fillow

Flight Fillow is a pouch/sleeve that turns into a neck pillow when used with your sweater, jacket, or hoodie. That means you can adjust and control the comfort of your travel pillow with the just a few steps (see video below). The Flight Fillow is both convenient and comfortable.

Benefits of Flight Fillow

The Flight Fillow offers many benefits to help make traveling a breeze including:

  • Small, lightweight, portable – easy to carry no  matter where you go. It fits in your pocket.
  • Since most people travel with a sweater, hoodie, or jacket, no additional supplies are needed besides the Flight Fillow.
  • Easy to wash.
  • Inexpensive, affordable, starting at $15.97. Much cheaper than the pillows you pick up in the airport stores or any other store.
  • Adjustable to your own comfort.
  • Not just for when you travel on the airplane, but can be used anywhere, anytime. I love to use it for when I’m dozing off on the sofa, traveling for long rides in the car, etc.

What are some of your favorite travel accessories? Would you try the Flight Fillow? Right now they are offering $5 OFF + FREE SHIPPING with promo code: “FLIGHTFILLOW”. Flight Fillow will make great gifts for your loved ones traveling this holiday season, for families going on a vacation, and for newly married couples going on a honeymoon.

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