Interview with Flight Fillow's Founder, Georgia McKinney, on the Unfiltered MaPop Passage

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"Travel Pillow. Ecommerce. I got to do a fun and uplifting interview with the owner of, "Flight Fillow", Georgia McKinney. It was pretty interesting to see how she grew into her business and how it all began with finding a solution for her own needs. Needless to say, she has now helped many traveler with the same issues, with her product, the Flight Fillow. Georgia went into more detail on how she went about the infamous, patent pending journey. We learned so much of her journey, and I feel her positive soul and personality will make her successful in any avenue or industry she stays in. Grab a beverage and enjoy this episode with the creator of the Flight Fillow." - Grandy 

Flight Fillow - Georgia McKinney - Owner/Founder:

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