The Best Travel Pillows You Can Buy

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The Best Pillows You Can Buy

One of the most important things we can get, and sometimes one of the most difficult, is a peaceful night of sleep. When we get that restful night, we are more active, alert and we become more productive in our day to day lives.

It isn’t always that simple though, if you love to travel, move a lot in your sleep, or you struggle from neck and shoulder pain then achieving a blissful night sleep can seem more elusive then finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.

Flight Fillow


Flight Fillow turns any sweater or hoodie into a travel pillow giving you all of the benefits without any of the hassle. It fits in your pocket, is easy to wash, and is the fraction of the price of the standard bulky neck pillow that’s value!

We have all been there – you are packing for a trip and want to have the comfort of a neck pillow but don’t want the hassle of having to pack it or lug it around. Flight Fillow solves this common problem by easily turning any sweater or hoodie into a travel pillow giving you all of the benefits without any of the hassle.

This is great for both short and long flights, as well as backpacking since Flight Fillow is light weight and easy to pack. You simply roll up your hoodie or jacket and put it into the Flight Fillow to use as a neck pillow. Alternatively, you can tuck in the arms of the sweater/hoodie to use Flight Fillow as a traditional pillow!

Flight Fillows are manufactured in the USA and were inspired by the creator’s own internal debate that she would have when packing for trips – “should I pack my neck pillow? Is the inconvenience of carrying it worth it for such a short trip?”. The first Flight Fillow was made for its creator’s own personal use and she had no intention of selling it. This was just to solve her own problem! However, people were quickly asking her to make some for them too, which led her to bringing Flight Fillow to market!

Contributor – Rachel Gohlke

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Nod2.0 Sleep Upright Travel Pillow



If you travel a lot then you will no doubt have suffered from a sore neck, or worse. That feeling of whiplash often comes from your neck and head ‘wobbling’ while you sleep. Sleeping on a train, plane or in a car often will make you more susceptible to this kind of injury.

Sleepupright has come up with an innovative solution which is the worlds first patented travel pillow designed to stop forward head motion. It makes sure you get a restful sleep while being in a safer position to prevent neck and head strain.

The Sleepupright Nod 2.0 works different from a traditional travel pillow and is aimed at use on long distance flights, train or car journeys. A normal travel pillow works by offering support to the neck and lower head whereas the Sleepupright focuses on head support by connecting from your forehead to the back of your seat.

The Nod 2.0 is quick and simple to install to almost any seat you may find yourself trying to catch a snooze on. The retractable clips fit in various different ways and with the simple push of a button the eye mask secures your head back to the seat, comfortably.

It has been crafted from stain resistant fabric, which can be wiped clean and the material is luxuriously soft memory foam. Although this works by clipping to the back or sides of your seat it has been designed to be non-invasive to the people sitting around or behind you.

It is suitable for people of all heights and sizes and offers full support of the head and neck even with its compact design. It measures in at 3×5” and will conveniently fit in your pocket, travel bag and suitcase.

‘Nod2.0 is a compact solution for business travelers and getting great sleep on the go. Take it with you in your handbag, backpack or briefcase, It’s the size of an iPhone! While most traditional travel pillows add bulky layers around the neck, Nod2.0’s patented design stabilizes the weight of the head by clipping to the rear of the seat back, allowing you to fully rest your head and neck while seated upright. Nod2.0 works on all seat types for all height passengers and most importantly, doesn’t interfere with others around you.’

Contributor – Paula Blankenship

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Best Value for Money Travel Pillows

REI Co-op Self-Inflating Travel Pillow


The REI Self-Inflating Pillow ($20) is just the shape you’d want from a travel pillow. It has subtle supports that wraps around both sides of the head, while also fitting snugly behind your neck in a way that promotes rapid time-to-sleep. At just 4 ounces, REI has managed to strike a great balance between convenience, size/weight, and comfort. It’s firm while still being comfortable, and its exterior polyester feels both soft and highly durable both in your hands and against your neck/head. The back of the pillow has about a dozen silicone stripes, which I call “friction lines,” to keep the pillow in place. Whether it’s on your shoulder, a plane seat, or against a damp window, it ensures that your sleep is as comfortable as possible. Another bonus of the polyester exterior is that the pillow is very easy to hand-wash, something that can’t be said about other pillows that have a plush surface. When you do wash the REI pillow, it feels noticeably clean.

Contributor: Jordan Bishop

Organization: How I Travel


Coop Memory Foam Pillow


Coop pillows are highly customizable and adjustable to your individual sleeping needs. Traditional pillows are either too high, too low, too hard or too soft to suit our needs. The memory foam in Coop pillows comes in mini pieces of memory foam, allowing you to add more or remove some to accommodate to your liking. The best part is they are washable too.

Contributor: Charlotte Ang

Organization: M&P International Freights


Best Pillows for Combination Sleepers

Snuggle-Pedic Ultra-Luxury Bamboo Memory Foam Pillow


This pillow is easily customizable. You can unzip it to remove or add foam for extra softness or firmness. You can send it to Snuggle-Pedic where they will personalize it for you. They can change the fullness, stiffness, and springiness.

Contributor: Caleb Backe

Organization: Maple Holistics


Most Comfortable Camping Pillows

Nemo Fillo Inflatable Travel Pillow


There’s nothing worse than a miserable night’s sleep when you’re on a camping adventure, and Nemo agrees. That’s why this is the perfect pillow to take on your next tent trip. It combines luxury foam with air insulation that you can inflate to your desired height and thickness for an optimal night’s sleep in the wilderness.

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