7 Travel Essentials to Help You to Be Relaxed and Organized

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Neck Pillow (Flight Fillow)


Flight Fillow allows you to turn your sweater, hoodie or jacket into a neck pillow. It not only stylish, but it is also a space saver! If you are someone who travels light and carries only the necessary items, this neck pillow is for you! The way it works is that you roll up your own sweater or hoodie that you would be wearing on the plane, and “fill” it into the Flight Fillow material. There is a zipper that opens and closes it like a tube. The “tube” is big enough to fit thick hoodies but also able to accommodate thinner sweaters. For the simple to read instructions, click here!



Anyone who knows me knows that I am a big fan of neck pillows. It actually doesn’t bother me that my neck pillow takes up half the space of my travel bag. I know that my neck pillow’s purpose is more important to me than saving some room. For those longer flights where I am flying overnight, I like to have a bit more support so I am willing to compromise on the space-saving aspect. Therefore, I was skeptical about Flight Fillow before I tried it. Now that I tried it, I do think that it’s a valid option for short distance trips. This way you can still reap the structural benefit of having a neck pillow but not have to be committed to storing it. I tried it out with my light-weight sweater (pictured above) as well as my thick hoodie. I think that the thicker the garment is, the more neck support you’ll receive.


I recommend neck pillows in general, you just need to figure out which one suits your needs better. Flight Fillow is definitely for people who want to switch from a bulky neck pillow to a light-weight solution; however, it also can be geared towards people who aren’t used to lugging around neck pillows. These are people out there who go on flights, train rides, etc. and feel uncomfortable because they didn’t bring any type of pillow. They think it’s worth it since they didn’t need to drag around a neck pillow with them for the rest of their trip. If they used a Flight Fillow, it would alleviate some of their discomforts without compromising on their space.

Price: $14.99
Color: Watercolor Patterned