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Watercolor Flight Fillow: Enhance your travel experience with our Stuffable, Machine Washable, Lumbar Support Travel Pillow for Plane and Car

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Revolutionize your travel experience with our Stuffable Travel Neck Pillows.

Introducing the Watercolor Flight Fillow – a groundbreaking tubular travel pillow that can transform your ordinary sweater, hoodie, or jacket into a versatile travel companion. It effortlessly serves as a travel neck pillow, portable lumbar support, or a traditional pillow, all without the usual inconveniences.

This innovative stuffable travel pillow redefines your travel experience by providing the comfort AND convenience. 

You desire from a standard bulky neck pillow but without the hassles. Flight Fillow is conveniently pocket-sized, machine washable, and fully adjustable to cater to your specific comfort needs. Can you think of another flight pillow that offers such remarkable versatility? It's the ultimate gift for avid travelers.

We've all faced the dilemma of packing for a trip and craving the comfort of a travel pillow while dreading the burden of carrying it around. Flight Fillow is the solution to this common problem. It's small, compressible, lightweight, and incredibly easy to pack, making it an ideal choice for various types of travel or as a thoughtful gift for the travel enthusiast in your life.

Simply roll up your hoodie or jacket and insert it into the Flight Fillow to create a neck pillow or lumbar travel pillow. Alternatively, tuck in the sleeves of your sweater or hoodie to convert Flight Fillow into a traditional pillow, neck roll pillow, or an adjustable lumbar support pillow. These adaptable features make Flight Fillow the top choice for road trips, backpacking, camping, or any form of travel!

Adjustability is a key feature of this tubular travel pillow

The thickness of your neck pillow or support depends on the type of garment you use. Opt for a thinner sweater for a sleek neck pillow or go for a thicker hoodie for a plusher experience. Flight Fillow can match the standard bulky neck pillow's thickness, ranging from 10 to 14 inches, depending on your clothing selection. This provides you with multiple comfort levels and exceptional support.

When laid out flat, this flight pillow measures 6 inches in width and 12 inches in length. However, it seamlessly folds up to be smaller than a deck of cards, fitting neatly into your pocket!

Flight Fillow is crafted from a soft and stretchy athletic wear fabric that feels gentle against your skin

It readily conforms to any garment, and it's not only removable and adjustable but also machine washable for effortless care.

Flight Fillow stands as the new and improved ergonomic car back support pillow, airport sleeping pillow, camping pillow, and lumbar travel pillow, usable anytime, anywhere! It's the perfect gift for travelers and can double as a tube travel pillow for airplanes, as you can easily stuff it with clothes.

Please note that this purchase does not include a sweater, hoodie, or jacket; you get to use your own clothing on this exciting journey.

Handmade Disclaimer: Keep in mind that, due to the 100% handmade nature of our products, there may be slight variations between the product you receive and the product picture. Each Flight Fillow is meticulously hand-sewn, resulting in minor variances.

Flight Fillow is the pioneering tubular travel pillow that effortlessly transforms your clothing into a compact, customizable, and incredibly convenient travel companion. With its myriad of uses and adaptability to your preferences, it stands as the ultimate travel pillow and an exceptional gift choice for all travel enthusiasts.