If You're a MLB Fan, This Travel Tip is For You! | Marc Schmidt

Marc is a blogger and an avid MLB fan and most of the traveling he does revolves around baseball! 
I really enjoy the MLB Ballpark app. It gives you great information on every ballpark you go to. There is usually at least one great deal you can get just by attending a game. 
My wife and I have traveled all over the country to see games so the MLB Ballpark app is a must for us. We have visited 16 ballparks and have 14 more to go!
 About Marc 
Marc is originally from Reading, PA. and moved to the Washington, D.C. area in 2006 in order to pursue a career in television production.
When Marc isn't traveling the country visiting ballparks, you can find him working on his blog - Marky Marc's World (www.MarkyMarcsWorld.blog).
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Where Does Marc Use Flight Fillow? 
In the car on road trips!
"My wife tried this out last weekend while we drove up to Philadelphia and I must say that this is the first time that her neck hasn’t bothered her after sleeping on a road trip. This means a lot since she tends to sleep quite a bit on our vacations. If anybody is a good endorsement for a product like this it’s her. As for myself, I agree with my wife. This is an awesome product if you’re looking to have comfort in the palm of your hand."
Check out his testimonial here!

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