Marc From Maryland Raves about Flight Fillow

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"The Flight Fillow is an item everybody should have in their life. Especially those of you who do a lot of traveling in the passengers seat of a car or take a lot of flights. My wife tried this out last weekend while we drove up to Philadelphia and I must say that this is the first time that her neck hasn’t bothered her after sleeping on a road trip. This means a lot since she tends to sleep quite a bit on our vacations. If anybody is a good endorsement for a product like this it’s her. As for myself, I agree with my wife. This is an awesome product if you’re looking to have comfort in the palm of your hand. Just keep the Flight Fillow in your pocket until you’re ready to snap and/or rest. Then just fold the Flight Fillow per the instructions on the back of the label and you’ll be comfortable in no time it’s as easy as folding the body of your favorite jacket, sweater, fleece, etc, keep the arms out, insert the Flight Fillow like a pillowcase and that’s it. A great thing about the Flight Fillow is that the fabric is very smooth and comfortable just like a pillowcase should be. I highly recommend this product to anybody. A huge thanks to @flightfillow for introducing me to such a cool, comfortable, and innovative product!"