Product Review - Little Helpers In Life, Jenna McCarthy

Little helpers in life blog post for product review of Flight Fillow - the reinvented travel pillow!

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The thing that I always seem to forget to pack when I go on vacation is my neck pillow. And when I do remember to pack it, I never seem to know where to put it so it isn’t in the way. The Flight Fillow is an amazing product that eliminates the need for a neck pillow and it doesn’t take up anymore space than a pair of socks!

The Flight Fillow works by using a sweater, sweatshirt, or long sleeve shirt. I don’t know about you, but I always have at least one of those items packed with me when I go on vacation. The instructions are super simple. Lay your sweater out flat and roll the body up towards the sleeves. Feed one sleeve into the Flight Fillow followed by the rolled body. Finally, pull through the other sleeve and zip up the Flight Fillow. The result is a surprisingly comfortable neck pillow! After the flight, unroll your Flight Fillow and put your sweater back on!

The Flight Fillow is made of a very light and soft material so it is easy to pack and very comfortable to rest your head on. The Flight Fillow is also completely machine washable. Whenever I try to wash my regular neck pillow, it seems to come out of the washing machine a little different than it went in. This doesn’t happen with the Flight Fillow! This item makes a great gift for the travel lover in your life! Get yours today here!