Backpacking Australia | Michaela Rutledge

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 At the end of 7 weeks of travel, I can confidently say that my Flight Fillow has been one of the most convenient parts of my trip! I’ve been traveling Australia carrying just a backpack, and so despite the fact that I’ve had to take multiple overnight busses, I just couldn’t fit a regular neck pillow.

My best tips for using the Flight Fillow are that in order to get the same support on the side of the neck that you do with a normal pillow, you should cross the sleeves that are hanging out of it across your body and tuck them under your arms, that way you can move your head in any direction and your neck is supported!

It’s also been extremely helpful while camping without a pillow, that I could just roll the sleeves into the Flight Fillow as well and use it as a pillow.

Thanks so much for creating this product, it was my best pre-travel purchase by far ❤️