8 Neat Traveling Gadgets For Backpackers

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You might think that having a robust, big and well-distributed backpack for your personal use might be all there is. And you could be almost right! But, if you want to upgrade your backpacking game, there’s a lot more you can get.

Gadgets developed for backpackers are not only focused on easing how you handle and carry your backpack, but in making sure we have all the modern conveniences whilst still preserving the core adventure element of backpacking.

#3 Hoodie to Neck Pillow | Flight Fillow

The Hoodie to Neck Pillow | Flight Fillow travel product recommended by Rachel Gohlke on Lifney.

Flight Fillow turns any sweater or hoodie into a travel or traditional pillow, giving you all of the benefits without any of the hassle. It fits in your pocket, is easy to wash and adjusts to your own comfort - making it the perfect gadget for long or short flights.


Original article located here