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Flight Fillow Product Review - Have Kiddos Will Travel

What good is a fancy neck travel pillow if it’s sitting in my closet while I get a neck kink on that long flight or car ride?

Have you ever wished that you had remembered to pack your expense travel pillow when you’re actually traveling and in need of catching some much-needed rest? Our family owns four different travel pillows that we’ve purchased up out of desperation on long flights and road trips, yet somehow in the rush to pack and prepare necessities for six people, I always forget to grab them. I’m so excited about this new product: Flight Fillow. The selling point of this product is that it’s compact, meaning that I can always have it in my purse or backpack and thus, it’s available when I need to use it. This product really offers you the benefits of a neck pillow without all of the hassles.

 What I love about the Flight Fillow

-          It’s compact. As a mom of four children, the list of must have items when we’re traveling is never ending. I love that I keep my Flight Fillow in my purse of choice and easily transfer it to whichever travel bag I’m using.

-          Can be used with my own sweater. I’m always cold and tend to travel with a sweater regardless of mode of transportation. My favorite travel sweaters tend to be cushy Vineyard Vines or The Black Dog sweaters which makes them perfect options to fill the Flight Fillow with.

-          Machine washable. Our young daughter spilled a drink on one of our flight pillows during a cross country trip and washing the pillow was a nightmare. The Flight Fillow can be machine washed and dried, though I prefer to hand wash it.

-          Affordable. The Flight Fillow starts at just $14.99, which is a quarter of the cost of most travel pillows.

-          Free Shipping. I have a thing against paying shipping for products. One of my biggest hang ups with online shopping, is the high shipping cost of many online companies.  Flight Fillow offers free shipping on all domestic products and free returns if you are not in love.