Gift Guide for Her by Solo Female Travelers

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Looking for a great travel gift for the women in your life? Or maybe you don’t know what to ask Santa this year?

In this extensive list of gift ideas for women you will sure find many useful, innovative and wanderlust-inspiring gift ideas, the problem will be to pick just one!

Whether it’s a birthday, Christmas, a special occasion or you just want to show your gratitude to that amazing intrepid female traveler in your life, we’ve got you covered with over 100 items!


A fun take on the words “pillow” and “fill”, this super clever invention lets the woman in your life take her sweater or hoodie and turn it into a cushion when traveling. The small contraption fits in her pocket, is easy to wash and adjusts to her own comfort. So now your loved one doesn’t have to schlep along a travel cushion with each trip, dropping it on the floor and then putting it close to their face.

It’s also one of the best travel gifts for her if she loves backpacking. The Flight Fillow is also a great way to pack that extra piece of bulky clothing without taking up space and weight in your luggage. 

Shipping: Internationally

Price: $17.97-$19.97

Available on Amazon Prime! 

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