My Simple Hacks for DIY Product Photos!

Think I pay someone to take professional product photos? 📸NOPE! It’s just me and my iPhone! 📱I did get a ring light to help up my game though. While huge corporations have the budget to spend $$$$ on product photos, that’s harder for a small biz to pull off. There are so many other areas for the limited funds to go! 💸 Therefore, I just use a ring light, foam boards, and free apps to get the product photos for Flight Fillow! 

For perfect lighting: 

Selfie Ring Light with Tripod Stand & Cell Phone Holder

I am a huge fan of this ring light that has three light settings, a blue tooth remote for seamless self photography and a tripod that can stand short or very tall! When not in use, this folds up to be small and easy storage. 

Before this ring light, I used to only be able to take photos during the day in the natural sunlight next to a window. But since I work a demanding corporate job during the day, I found it hard to be home while the sun was still prime for the product photos. Instead of having to wait for the weekend, I purchased this ring light for under $40 and now I can take the product photos whenever I have the time (which is usually in the evening).

Here's a link to shop this product on Amazon -


For backgrounds:

White Foam Boards, 20 x 30 Inches, 3/16-Inch Thick, Bright White, 2-Count

Another thing I use is two foam boards that serve as the background for the photo! Most of the time I use white, but sometimes I use a patterned one for the bottom (clouds, so very on brand haha). 

Simply use this link ( to shop this two pack of white foam boards on amazon for less than $10! 


Here's a look of the ring light and poster/foam boards in action! 

Some bonus tips: 

After I take the photos on my iPhone 10, I will usually play with the lighting on the app Lightroom - this is free! 

Another app I use to help get the perfect while background on photos (without shadowing) is FotoFuze (another free to use app). 

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