Lessons Learned: Finding The Voice Behind My Brand

When I first launched Flight Fillow, I thought people wouldn't want to buy from a small business and they would only want to buy if Flight Fillow was a large, established, and wildly successful corporation. 

With that in mind, all the posts on social media and marketing campaigns focused only on the product and were written in a voice of a large company. It was very high level and very un-personable.

But during this journey of learning how to grow and market my business, I read a lot of business books and listened to a bunch of entrepreneurship podcasts and was shocked to learn that it was okay for me to let me people know that Flight Fillow is a small start up business and that it was encouraged to show people who is behind the company, to show vulnerability, and to share the behind the scenes. 

Even after learning this, it took me months to execute because I was scared to stop hiding behind my company and show the world who I am. This is because Flight Fillow has exposure to thousands of people and I know that not everyone is going to love my product or brand. If the haters didn't know who was behind it, I knew not to take it personally. Showing the behind the scenes and who I am makes me more vulnerable which can be a bit nerve wrecking! 

In February 2019 I decided to take that leap and to stop hiding behind my company. I finally changed the voice of my brand to be more real, to be MY voice! I was shocked at the influx of positive responses to this! Sales and engaged spiked instantly and so many strangers were using the "contact us" page on our website to send notes of positivity and encouragement. 

I hope I don't jinx it by writing this, but so far we haven't received any negative feedback or comments which has helped to alleviate my nerves of sharing the behind the scenes and the journey to growth with our followers and consumers. I know its only a matter of time before a hater speaks up, but thankfully we have had soooo many positive comments and feedback that it will quickly be outnumbered and easy to shake off!

In efforts to share the behind the scenes and to take you on this journey to grow with me, I will be writing some posts periodically that share successes, challenges, lessons learned, inspirations, small biz tips and tricks, etc on our site and through our emails. 

Are you excited to join us on this journey to growth? If you'd like to share your own experiences on how you found the voice of your brand, I would love to chat with you about it!