Can You Believe It? It's Been a YEAR!

June 1, 2019 marked one year since we first launched to the public. It is crazy to think about how far we have come since then. More has happened than I ever imagined and I have learned more through this experience than I even knew was possible.  

Are you wondering what we did in the past year? Here are just a few of the major milestones:  

  • Sold hundreds of Flight FIllows all across the country 
  • 10.8k followers on Instagram, over 500 on Facebook, and nearly 1,000 email subscribers!  
  • Featured in Flygirl subscription box  
  • Became an official legal entity (LLC) and all the fun stuff that comes along with this  
  • Brought on a team of folks to help make this dream a reality:   
    • Lawyer, Accountant, Sewing Contractor, User Experience Guru, Quality Assurance, two Interns, and two Virtual Assistants.  
    • If you count myself, there are 10 people that help to change the way people travel  
  • Filed for full utility patent  
  • Auditioned for Shark Tank Season 11  
  • We made it onto Amazon!  

What can you expect to see happen this year? I am sure there are a handful of things that will happen that I haven't yet foreseen, but here a few things in the works:  

  • Amazon Prime – while Flight Fillows are currently sold on Amazon, they do not YET qualify for Amazon Prime. That will be changing THIS MONTH!  
  • Big Box Retailers – of course getting into big box retails is on our list of goals, but it didn't seem feasible until recently. Stay tuned 😊  
  • Licensing opportunities - since Flight Fillow is patented, other compeititors can't make their own without licensing it. We're in talks with a few large neck pillow companies so you might be seeing some Flight Fillows at the airport this year! 
  • Subscription Boxes – you will find us in other subscription boxes this year!  
  • Online Retailers – Flight Fillows will be sold on other major online retailers this year, I can't yet disclose which ones. 


Thank you for following along on Flight Fillow's journey to growth. We couldn't have made it this far without your support.  

Please continue to tell your friends and family about Flight Fillow and help to spread the world. It helps us more than you realize!